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On the path to healing no single therapy seems to have all of the answers. An integrative approach incorporating facets of body, mind and spirit offers an opportunity for accelerated growth. I combine counseling, biofeedback, education and energy work to help you access your own resources for growth and potential.


Many of us lose touch with our bodies due to illness, abuse or aging. Relaxation training coupled with biofeedback therapy offers skills to reconnect with the body by teaching you how to control physical functions and measuring your progress through the use of computer technology.


Sometimes we give so much to work and family that it seems our own concerns get lost in the shuffle. Yet being heard and supported is an important component of healing. When our thoughts are expressed verbally energy is released to dissipate tension, new ideas are formulated and we gain clearer understanding of both our problems and their solutions. An eclectic combination of cognitive-behavioral, transpersonal and Brainspotting* methods are used to assist in your healing journey.


Beliefs serve as catalysts that enable us to transcend the confines of immediate circumstances. By exploring how beliefs affect us and by using the methods of Reiki and Healing Touch with intuitive energy work, chakras can be balanced and blockages can be cleared to enhance healing and personal growth.


Denise Olive, LLC, MS

I have been assisting clients with mind/body techniques since the early 90’s. My practice is inspired by personal experience. Life is an amazing teacher!

I combine counseling, biofeedback*, Brainspotting*, education and energy psychology* to help you align with your own inner wisdom to find what you need on your path to healing. I help those with a wide variety of health conditions such as chronic pain, headaches and insomnia, as well as anxiety, depression, and personal growth issues.

I have a Masters degree in Community Counseling, am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Georgia, a Nationally Certified Counselor, a Board Certified Biofeedback Therapist, a Reiki Master and a Healing Touch Practitioner. My undergraduate degree is in Psychology with a minor in Nutrition.

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